Lake Oswego Private Residence

When we first walked through this beautiful home in Lake Oswego, our friends at Cooper Design Builders were still in the design phase of a pretty substantial remodel. While the existing home was quite nice, the transformation has been breathtaking! With an in-ground pool, a dedicated sport court, a Bar and Recreation Room, a stunning outdoor living space (not to mention a full Golf Simulator), Ohm Systems was thrilled to be involved in taking all of these new spaces and integrating high quality audio and video throughout.

The Living Room features a crisp, bright 4K Sony 75” LED TV, while the sound is handled by a combination of a custom soundbar mounted below the TV, and Origin Acoustics in-ceiling speakers for surrounds. We built and installed a custom AV rack inside the Living Room cabinets to keep the rest of the gear out of sight, and maintain a clean, finished look.

Throughout the home, we have in-ceiling speakers providing tons of high-quality audio via a fully integrated Sonos System. We pride ourselves on aesthetics, so when it comes to whole home audio, all of our cabling, amplification, and content handling is done behind the scenes. All of the Sonos equipment is housed in cabinetry inside an AV rack, so all you can see are the speakers in the ceiling, and with modern, bezel-less speaker design, even those are hard to find!

The Outdoor Living areas were fun for us! We installed landscape speakers in the planters on all sides of the pool, as well as an underground subwoofer to add some low end. We also have a few surface mounted speakers exclusively for the fire pit! In the Covered Patio, we have another full surround system with a TV and soundbar above the fireplace, and in-ceiling surround speakers in the tongue & groove ceiling.

The Rec Room features a host of in-ceiling Origin speakers as well, with a TV mounted behind the bar. Ohm installed yet another full surround sound system in the Golf Simulation room, and again, we housed all of the AV equipment in a well-crafted AV rack that is hidden behind the scenes. As always, we designed and programmed home automation for all of the areas that needed it, giving the homeowner convenience and ease-of-use for what could otherwise be an overwhelming amount of technology.

What an all-around beautiful project this has been! We’re honored to have been a part of it. Thanks again to Cooper Design Builders for bringing us in on such a work of art!

- Chad Baldwin, President

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