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One of the beautiful things about Portland is the juxtaposition of nature and technology, new and old, modern and classic. Those contrasts are so well blended in this beautiful, modern sustainable 1.2-acre home in Wildwood, an older forested neighborhood located just minutes from downtown Portland. The owners called on Ohm to design and install whole home audio and video systems.

The home features open, clean lines and a lot of glass to allow in natural light. As to not interfere with the elegant, modern aesthetic of the home, we used square bezel speakers in the tongue and groove kitchen ceiling, and placed both the subwoofer and in wall speakers in unobtrusive locations within the living space. We utilized simple sound bar solutions to compliment the TVs in the master bedroom and and loft sitting space. The study has a recessed area above the fireplace that is perfectly matched to the TV and form fitting James sound bar that is custom matched to the model to look like it is a part of the television.

Of course, the beautifully manicured sloped back yard is filled with music with an array of outdoor speakers, and we installed surveillance cameras around the perimeter to help them keep an eye on everything.

To keep up with the networking needs of modern life, including lots of steaming video and audio, we installed a wifi network with 3 access points to create a large enough wifi bubble to serve the outdoor living spaces.

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager

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