Residential Kitchen Speakers

How many times have you hosted a party at your home and realized that everyone ends up spending the majority of the time in the kitchen? It makes sense if you think about it. Chances are it’s one of the more open rooms in your home and let’s be honest, that's where all the food is at! 

Whether you’re hosting an event, cooking for your family, or just hanging out, music in your kitchen is a must have. With a Sonos streaming audio player it’s never been easier. Music selection from many different services providers as well as volume control are conveniently available through the Sonos app on your phone or smart device. 

This kitchen install features 8” recessed ceiling speakers with 3 way dual concentric drivers. The bezeless form factor almost makes them disappear in the ceiling. Installing four speakers ensured that high quality audio can be heard throughout the space even with the volume low. This allows your guests to hear their conversations, and lets you set the mood you’re looking for. 

Whole home audio is a lovely addition to any residence. Music is a part of everyone's life, give yourself the ability to experience it everywhere! 

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design Consultant