Riverbend Residence

It would be hard to find a more beautiful setting for a home than this one perched above the Willamette River in West Linn, OR. When our client purchased this property, there were existing Whole Home Audio, Lighting Control and Home Automation Systems in place, but after surveying what was there, we decided together to update all of those systems in addition to adding some others.

Simplicity of the user interface was of utmost importance on this project (as it is on all of our automation projects). The client wanted a system that would be extremely powerful, automating Whole Home Audio Video, Home Theater, Lighting Control, Shade Control (motorized roller blinds throughout), thermostat or HVAC Control in addition to control of the gate system and a few IP Cameras located around the perimeter of the house.  They also wanted to have the ability to control those systems from any iOS device, tablet or smartphone. The final request was that the system be user friendly enough that any guest would be able to operate the system with little or no training.  We happily accepted the challenge, and we’re glad we did!

While this project was a fun technical challenge (which is always satisfying), there was another big positive on this one. The clients turned out to be some of the kindest, warmest people we’ve met!  It’s always nice when we can do what we excel at on a project, and at the same time, grow our Ohm Systems family with new friends, clients and partners!

 - Chad Baldwin, President