The Ohm systems Ethos

Everyone from Ohm that I have had interaction with has been incredibly helpful, professional and all around awesome!
— Troy Emmons, Hopworks Urban Brewery

At Ohm Systems, we believe that the people are what makes the company.  While we continually grow in numbers, we are also focused on growing and evolving as individual professionals.  We are constantly learning not only more about our craft, but also more about how to better serve our clients and provide client experiences that are truly memorable.

Ohm is also committed to giving back to the community.  Stay tuned to our news feed to see what types of charitable and altruistic projects Ohm takes on in 2018 and beyond.  There may even be some collaborative events you'd like to join us in and get to know the team better!



Ohm Systems is committed to doing all we can to operate as a sustainable and eco-friendly company.

As a company, Ohm has a commitment to not only running our business in an environmentally friendly way, but also to making a difference on a larger scale if we see the need or opportunity to do so.  


One example is styrofoam.  Ohm receives a great deal of equipment packaged in Styrofoam.  We have come to understand over the past few years that Styrofoam is very difficult to recycle, and in Portland there are very few recyclers that accept it, but we refuse to throw it away.  We are trying to increase community awareness around this topic, as most people don't even realize how rare the recycling facilities are.   We take the packaging of the equipment we purchase into consideration whenever possible, and we are starting to contact manufacturers to urge them to adopt more environmentally friendly packaging options going forward.  We're a small company, but we are trying to do our part for the planet whenever we can.

Used electronic equipment  is another area where we strive to be environmentally aware.  We test all equipment that comes back to our shop, then decide how to process it.  There are times where equipment is in good working condition, times where minor repairs are needed, and times where the electronics recycler is the only option.  We repair (or have repaired) what we can, and often offer the repaired items at huge discounts.  This helps keep electronics out of landfills, and also keeps some great classic AV equipment in rotation.