Chinese Evangelical Church

Houses of worship have needs like that of an auditorium or music venue. Many modern churches employ full sized bands with a gambit of instrumentation, which require large scale sound reinforcement. Recently, we installed an A/V system for a house of worship community in Hillsboro. Although they already had an existing sanctuary and A/V system, their needs had grown. They had decided to build out a second sanctuary to run simultaneous services or to be used as overflow. The customer had done their homework and knew what they needed in their build out. As a result, the design fit their needs like a glove.

After listening to what the customer’s audio needs were, we installed Audio Technica wireless microphones, 10 Neutrik XLR stage box inputs, 2 JBL CBT 70je speakers with a JBL PRX subwoofer, JBL PRX stage monitoring, JBL distributed speakers in their Foyer, Control Room, and Cry Room, all controlled by a Soundcraft Expression digital mixing console. The mixer can support up to 64 inputs and outputs to handle the most robust channel counts.

For the room to be used as an overflow for their main sanctuary, we installed a Dante network to transport audio over a very long run. This provided us a bi-directional digital connection to the main sanctuary mixer so that audio could freely pass between both systems. This allows an operator to create a mix for either room from either mixer. Furthermore, the Soundcraft Mixer can be controlled wirelessly to provide remote control and allow the operator to be in the space they are mixing in real time.  

The customer also needed a video distribution system to transmit their visual content to 5 displays in the new sanctuary as well as a feed to the original sanctuary. We used a HDBASET distributor to feed these runs which allowed us to extend the video over 200’. HDMI can’t provide that range so converting the HDBASET was a must. We also provided a video feed from the main sanctuary, so content could be sent to the new sanctuary when being used as an overflow.

After the install and commissioning were complete, we provided an onsite training. Their A/V engineers eagerly embraced the conversion to the digital mixing world. The only way to learn is to jump in head first and they have committed to it, ultimately this is what makes a house of worship A/V system powerful and functional.

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design Consultant