Ex Novo Brewing - Beaverton

As famed Portland-based brewer Ex Novo looked to expand out of the inner city, they set their sights to the century-old Cady Building in the heart of the Downtown Beaverton. Older buildings can be challenging, but the end result was well worth the effort. Their new taproom respects the historic building’s classic design, blended perfectly with modern details.

Ohm Systems designed and installed a background music system to provide uniform coverage throughout the L-shaped bar and dining room, providing independent volume control in each space. A subwoofer was deployed to provide low-end and warmth, without having to turn up the volume, maintaining comfortable volume levels throughout. 

Ex Novo’s new tap room looks and sounds fantastic. Next time you’re in Beaverton, stop by for some pizza and grab a pint of their Seasonal Affective Dis-Porter or other fine brews!

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager