MUV Fitness SE Portland

We go way back with our friends at Müv Fitness, but their new location in SE Portland was a whole new venture, especially in terms of scale. This place is huge; 37,000 sq feet huge,  with a full pool and jacuzzi, two spas, a kids room, tons of cardio machines and even massage chairs.

We were tasked with filling the space with video including Muv’s own custom streaming channel on demand. We did this by means of a modulated video distribution system. This allows for multiple channels of HD cable plus their own custom content to be displayed on any of their 56 displays at will.

They also have a few zones that can display MyZone workout information for clients that want to show off their progress.

Audio is pumping throughout the space via 49  speakers in the main gym including 4 subs plenty of bass to get you müving.

Another one of our favorite solutions for workout spaces, especially instructor led, is to have an independant audio source in that room that can be managed by the instructor. We did this here as well with their 3 instructor led spaces, Müv X, Tribe, and the Spin room. In each room the instructor can connect their device via bluetooth or a standard analog plug, and of course they also have a wireless headset to help motivate the troops.

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager