Reedwood Friends Church

Reedwood Friends is a very warm and inviting community, it was an honor to be a part of their A/V project. It’s easy to see that their staff really care about their congregation and building, which made working with them a breeze. 

As in many church sanctuaries, speech intelligibility is a real challenge. The ceilings are high and most surfaces are hard and flat, making it difficult for people in the room to understand what others are saying. The existing audio system was old and didn’t have the advantages of modern technology creating massive audio feedback zones and low quality sound reinforcement. This was a clear use for a JBL column array speaker pair, which you can see in the photos. They have a very wide horizontal dispersion that covers most of the room. Adding the 2 side fills ensured that sound reaches every seat in the room! 

We also upgraded their system to include Crown CDI amplifiers with built in digital signal processing and an Allen and Heath QU24 live mixing console. Reedwood now has the ability to send audio to and from their stage over CAT6 cable, greatly reducing the need for copper in the project. 

Finally we installed a fixed position projector to fit their old existing projection room at the
rear of the sanctuary. They were used to bringing a projector out to the stage every time they needed to put something on the screen. Now, with the push of a button they can have a large, bright image up in no time.

I can easily say that this was one of my favorite jobs I’ve done in the house of worship community. We look forward to being a part of many more!

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design