Spirit of 77

If you’re a local blazer fan, chances are you’ve stopped by a packed Spirit of 77 for a pregame drink or postgame celebration. This bar is a popular choice considering it’s proximity to Moda center and it’s hearkening to Portland’s championship year 1977. Recently we had the pleasure of working with the team at Spirit of 77 to upgrade their audio system.

The bar is a wide open room with tall ceilings, held up by large timber beams. Large reflective rooms are a challenge for most speaker types. JBL pendant speakers are a beautiful solution to this problem. They provide great coverage and allow the speakers to be installed in locations other speakers types can not. We also added a 12” QSC subwoofer to provide low end audio reinforcement. This is key in large room audio systems as bass is paramount in creating an even audio response.

The user control system is very intuitive to use. It allows multiple audio sources to be selected and zonal volume control with a quick turn of a knob. The bar uses three discrete audio zones to allow the user to turn the volume down in sub zones where needed. Come check out the new system and watch our US Women’s Soccer team take on the world!

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design

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