StarCycle Vancouver

StarCycle is not your typical spin class - it’s a visceral, full-body experience, complete with low lighting, candles and (most importantly) a thunderous audio system. Featuring JBL Professional speakers and over 3000 watts of combined power, StarCycle’s system motivates class participants and instructors alike to push beyond their limits. Just as important as sound quality is ease of use. Aside from the resident Macbook Air, the sole audio component in the studio itself is an ultra-simple 3-knob remote mixer providing independent level adjustment of microphone and music levels. All amplifiers and audio processing reside in an enclosed equipment rack hidden-away in the back office. The finishing touch was the addition of ceiling-mounted acoustical panels in the studio. Acoustical treatments reduce unwanted room reflections, reduce microphone feedback and ensure that a higher powered system like this one is truly enjoyable to listen to. We really enjoyed working with the StarCycle team and look forward to their forthcoming location in Felida, Washington!

- Josh Seitz, VP Design & Sales