Uncorked Studios

Uncorked Studios is a product design firm with a very creative vibe. The open concept floor plan of their office allows designers to easily collaborate on projects for first time startups and fortune 100 companies alike. The centerpiece of the space is a large staircase with benched seating. It's primary use is for all hands meetings and special events. We worked closely with John and Miguel to design an A/V presentation system to fit their unique space and needs.

The backbone of the audio system is a Symetrix DSP and Lab Gruppen amplifiers. JBL commercial speakers are installed at the front of the room and provide true stereo imaging for audio playback from the video switcher, Sonos Connect, aux audio input, and a phono input for a record player. Audio Technica wireless microphones and a wired microphone input at the front of the room allow presenters a variety of sound reinforcement options. Speakers are installed in the restrooms to allow attendees to listen to the presenters at all times.

The video system is composed of a 7500 lumen Epson projector and 12’ Dalite screen. HDMI inputs are located at the front of the stage and at the rack, which is located at the top of the stairs and serves as the primary A/V control position.

The control system provides complete control of both the audio and video systems. Wall mounted push button controls located at both the front of the room and the rack allow users to make fine adjustment of all sound levels and video switching from either position.

Working with the team at Uncorked was a pleasure and the communication of their needs was ideal. We look forward to using all the innovative products they help bring to the world.

 - James Jacobsen, Sales & Design Consultant