A great sounding, high quality audio system is a very important element of any retail location, restaurant, bar, workout facility... really anywhere! Music helps create an inviting business environment that makes your clients feel welcome and comfortable while spending more time in your establishment.

Ohm Systems can help with your residential Audio/ Video needs as well.  We have extensive experience in home theater, distributed audio (Sonos as well as other options). Enjoy movies or the latest shows on your own screen, on your own killer home theater system, in your own home! Ohm Systems can make it happen.

We provide full audio system design, sales, installation and service to fit your home or business and your budget. From the simplest stereo systems to more advanced multi-zone, multi-source systems, we can make it happen!

Whether it's sports, news, stock prices, or even your business' own custom video or graphics, a professionally installed video system can really add interest to your location.

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