How do you use your space? What daily activities and events do you have or plan to have in your space? This may seem very clear to you. However, every organization does things differently, every business has different needs, and every room affects sound in a unique way. Defining how you plan on using your space is a very important step in designing and installing an A/V system.

How you use your space may seem like an obvious thought for you, because you already know what drives you to host your space, but it’s very helpful to accurately relay this information to us. Start by creating a list of the events you plan on having in the space. Next, add specific details of what each event concerning the sound system or video would need, (ex. microphones, computer audio or video, Sonos players, etc.) Then, put these events in order of frequency. How often would each event take place: monthly, weekly, or daily? Overall, it’s better to design an A/V system that works very well for the type of events that you host most frequently. Doing so may save you money and help keep your A/V system as simple as possible for your most frequent uses.

This 3-part post is a guide to help our clients convey their specific needs and uses of their spaces. Beyond this, there are more issues to consider. These may include local codes, existing system integration, and ideal placement of equipment... but that’s what we’re here for! Leave the technical part to us!

James Jacobsen
Ohm Systems Sales / Design

Danielle Witt