While Ohm has been steadily growing over the past several years, I’ve been thinking a lot about growth and evolution.  We are at a point where we are constantly examining almost everything we do, every process we use as a company, and trying to make things flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible.  All of the systems we design are completely customized to our clients’ needs, and we are committed to producing the best final product we can.  This target is always moving, as Ohm’s final product revolves around technology, which we all know is changing at the speed of thought.

Working with the experts at 100 Seconds (they are amazing!) on the production of our latest video was not only exciting, fun and challenging, but it was also a very valuable learning exercise for the company. Producing a video requires a ton of thought, planning and preparation.  Even the initial questions like, ”What set’s Ohm apart from other companies?”, or “What drives you to do what you do?”, led to some serious reflection.  From there, we moved on to how to represent our company’s values, our skill set in system design and installation,  and our passion for what we do all in a 100 second video (hence the name, 100 Seconds).

My point here is that one of our main strengths as a company is our ability to embrace change and to make adjustments along the way, improvisation.  Every member of our staff knows that, but for me, it took pondering the questions of the video producer to realize just how many ways that applies. We have taken many years to develop our structure, our processes and techniques for how we do things, and we spend a lot of time adjusting and creating something that fits and that “just feels right”.  

If you haven’t already, please check out our new video here.  Thanks again to 100 Seconds and Root Whole Body for their help in making it happen!

-- Post by Ohm president and founder, Chad Baldwin

Danielle Witt