James Jacobsen

Sales & Design Consultant

James’ first memory of hearing music was from an upright piano played by his grandmother on their homestead in Montana. Music has always been a part of his life; beginning with piano lessons and playing guitar in high school bands and eventually a college cover band called The Canon. James grew up in Portland. He graduated from Benson Polytechnic High School where he studied radio (KBPS) and many other vocations.

At the U of O, James became the Music Director at KWVA Eugene. Next, he started a mobile recording business focused on local bands in the Portland area and was involved in over 30 music videos and many live recordings. After a while, he found himself collecting enough equipment to start a small live events company, quickly learning that mission critical A/V took a lot of preparation and attention to detail.

James’ passion for A/V comes from his quest for creating an experience that is unexplainably amazing. He believes the moments we as humans enjoy the most are ones that open our eyes and ears to the world. Like walking into an old venue and hearing musicians play over a sound system that projects the smallest and softest parts of their performance so accurately. Just like seeing another galaxy through a telescope for the first time, these moments are ethereal. The best of these are the ones where people strictly live in that moment. Integrating the equipment and harnessing the knowledge required to create such a rich aural and visual experience is his job.