Kevin is an installation tech apprentice for Ohm systems LLC. His passion for A/V lies in his love for sound, nature, movies, technology, and electricity. The total immersive experience in your home is now possible. You can feel like you are at the edge of the Nile watching a wildebeest be taken down by a 16 foot crocodile, like you are in Australia diving the Great Barrier Reef. You can feel like you are at the game without paying for a ticket, dealing with traffic, or the obnoxious fans of the other team. Kevin feels strongly about having the opportunity to live every day anywhere you want to be in the convenience of you home, that is why he is in A/V.

Kevin comes from humble upbringing in Northwest Oregon where he learned to fix, build, and program computers. By the time he went to college, he knew technology was where he wanted to be. Starting out at OIT and then transferring to Oregon State University, he graduated cum laude with a bachelors in business information systems and business management. His degree gave him a broad spectrum of skills but no direction. What did he want to do or would like to do? So he worked as a barista at a bagel shop, as a cook, as a landscaper where he finally lost that freshman 15, all while seeing his now wife, Cassie. The birth of his first child prompted Kevin to get back into the technology field and focus on networking, which he had studied as part of his degree program. After lots of studying he passed his CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) certification. After that, he heard of the low voltage program through one of his wife’s connections. Kevin placed first in the LEB applicants and soon after was in communication with Chad and Josh. After talking a little bit, they offered, he accepted and the rest is history.

His hobbies include spending time with his wife and daughter, camping, hiking, and DIY.