Technical Manager

Marc's fascination with mechanics and electronics started at a young age. He regularly ruined objects around the house by taking them apart to examine them. His mother would have to buy him things to take apart and tinker with. Both of his grandparents had a hand in shaping his interests. Marc's grandfather, a member of the Painters Union, performed electric sign maintenance and installations. As a kid, he would give all the grandchildren rides on his bucket truck. His grandmother on the other hand, wired electronic consoles. She is the one who taught Marc how to solder. In his spare time, when he can find it, Marc can be found trying to resurrect some kind of electronic device.

A few years into college, Marc met the woman who would become his wife, Mary. She encouraged him to pursue an apprenticeship as a limited energy technician and Marc realized he'd found his calling. He has now been in the industry for over 20 years.

Marc and Mary have two wonderful sons, Jacob and Daniel. Daniel is active in the Navy reserves, while Jacob is just graduating high school. They enjoy camping at the beach and spending time with family and friends.