G-Love Restaurant

Garrett Benedict, the veteran chef from San Francisco, is bringing the city’s first “reverse steakhouse” to Slabtown with much anticipation. We were happy to work with Garrett and his team on the A/V design and installation. The tall ceiling and reflective surfaces make it a challenging project from an acoustical standpoint. As always, we’re up for a challenge and we know the system must look as good as it sounds.

We used pendant speakers in the main dining area to get the speakers closer to the guests. This mitigates some of the room’s reflective issues and fits the overall architectural design. In addition, we used a 12” subwoofer to provide some low frequency support, which is key in a large space. It allows the user to keep volume low while still producing a rich full sound with great coverage.

I’ve traveled enough to know that Portland is obsessive about food. I can’t wait to see what they bring to the table!

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design

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