Garden Monsters

Our favorite Portland salad cart, Garden Monsters, just opened their first brick and mortar location in Hollywood! We had the opportunity to work with Kyle on designing and installing an audio system. Although the space is small, the system packs a punch. It includes four Sonance 6.5” recessed ceiling speakers, one Sonance 8” recessed ceiling woofer, and a JBL commercial amplifier. Of course we made sure that the kitchen had its own speaker so the salad makers can enjoy the music too. All of this is controlled by a Sonos Connect which the employees can easily access through their personal smart device.

What really sets this audio system apart from other comparable systems you may see around town? First of all, most systems of this size don’t include a woofer. A woofer adds low frequency reinforcement to your music. Think of the quality sound you might expect from a larger speaker in your listening room but in a ceiling! Second, the installation is clean and you won’t notice the speakers like you may expect. Finally, the easy of use is the best part. There are no cables to lose or break. If you have a new smart phone and forget your lighting to headphone cable… no worries. With Sonos you’re covered.

This week the Ohm team visited the store and tried a variety of their salads and enjoyed all the options they have. I guarantee you’ll enjoy them as much as we did!

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design