Construction Conference Room Upgrades

Recently, we completed a project for a local construction company’s new office build out.
As with many of our clients, they had a lot of needs including an audio system, video displays, interactive displays, video conferencing, system control, and data network infrastructure. We listened to their requests and designed solutions that fit them like a glove.
A professional, clean, and well-designed office sends a clear message to customers: We can get the job done! This extends to A/V and low voltage work throughout the space, and the show piece of this office is the conference room. The dual display video conferencing system allows personnel to connect with each other, subcontractors, and clients remotely in real time. The quality of audio and video is very impressive on both sides of the call. This is achieved by the two beamforming ceiling microphones, recessed ceiling speakers, and ultra-wide HD camera we installed. But there’s more to work than just working!
Increasingly employees are spending more time in workplace these days. Having a space to stretch out and disconnect helps people stay more focused when they are working. What helps people relax more than a little mood music? The audio video system in the all hands meeting area does just this in addition to facilitating audio selection from two different televisions. The audio system can also be configured in 4 different stereo/mono presets to change the front of the room. Just in case you were wondering, you can still get work done while sitting on the couch or in a booth with video display extensions, and wifi/data connections installed around the room.
The network ties all these systems together and allows collaboration on projects. Each office has a 55” display that allows a group of people to huddle around and discuss a project. Showing prospective clients your vision can be difficult without the right tools. We’re here to help.

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design