Grains Of Wrath Brewery

Camas, Wa now has an amazing local brewery located in its quaint downtown. Grains of Wrath, an ode to the rock music that the brew pub is built on, serves beer created by former Fat Heads brewer Mike Hunsacker. Both Mike and Brendan were a pleasure to work with on this project. They both have a passion for music and wanted their space to reflect that.

We worked with them to design an audio system that could handle the high output of rock yet have a balanced, full sound. Eight inch speakers are conveniently tucked away in the ceiling, which makes the system that much more impressive considering its capabilities. In addition we used 12” subwoofers to accentuate the bass in both the Bar and Dining zones. The brew house includes audio zones for the Patio, Restrooms, Brewery, and Kitchen.

The system employs 3 Sonos players as well as a TV back feed and an Aux input that can be matrix switched to any or all zones at the push of a button. Switching, volume, and DSP are controlled by Symetrix ARC-WEB, a wired or wireless network app that allows the staff to makes changes in any location on-site via their network connected smart device or computer.  

We also installed 4 TVs on a combination of pole mount and wall mounts to provide a view from most anywhere in the dining room and bar. Next time you’re in Camas come have a look for yourself! Learn more about GOW here

- James Jacobsen, Sales & Design Consultant