Gray's At The Park: Hilton Vancouver

There is a lot of activity in the Vancouver Waterfront these days. The Waterfront Development Project is in full swing and an existing staple of the area is the Vancouver Hilton. Ohm Systems had the honor of being a part of the remodel of their ground level restaurant, Gray's At The Park.

As a part of their visual refresh, we brought a new audio element to the space as well. We  split the area in to eight zones of audio, to accommodate different sources and different volumes to multiple areas like the Bar, Cafe, Dining area to their two private dinning areas. Tannoy speakers were used throughout, powered by Lab Gruppen high-efficiency amplifiers and audio processing by Symmetrix. Volume controls and source selectors are conveniently located throughout the space to easily switch between audio sources and quickly change the volume if need be. Televisions from Samsung are installed throughout the bar area, providing an unobstructed view of your favorite sporting event.

The next phase of the remodel is now underway which expands the new patio seating area, just in time for summer. It’s going to be a beautiful outdoor space, Ohm Systems is expanding the background music system to the patio and entry as well. If you’re in the area, stop in and try something from chef Troy Lucio’s menu and have a listen! Explore the menu and make your reservation here

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager