Multnomah Village is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Portland. Over the years a lot has changed, but it has managed to keep its simple charm. When Urban Asset Advisors asked us to outfit their new apartment complex in the heart of the Village with an audio system, we were excited to be a part of it.

They needed a simple and reliable common space audio system - music really sets the mood when entering a building. We wanted to make sure we had the perfect ambient acoustics for the tenants and staff. We achieved this with a stream of five well placed, understated, in-ceiling speakers in the pathway from the entrance to the elevator. Like many of our projects, the system is fed by a Sonos player that the staff can easily control with a few quick taps on their phone. 

The complex also has a beautiful common balcony that overlooks the southern end of the Village. We outfitted the deck area with a few more in-ceiling speakers that compliment the tongue and groove overhang. In addition, no matter the occasion, be it enjoying a glass of wine with the sunset or having a baby shower, the tenants are able to control their ambiance with the volume controls that are easily accessible from this outdoor space.

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager