Works Progress Architecture

Works Progress Architecture is an innovative architectural design studio with offices in Portland and Los Angeles. 

Ohm Systems has had the privilege of working on several W.PA projects in the past (bSIDE6, Uncorked Studios, Jupiter Hotel), including the installation of a discrete Sonos-based audio system that provides background music throughout their new space in the 811 Stark building. So it was only natural that Ohm was their first choice when the time came to upgrade their conference room. 

Key objectives for the conference room project were a visually unobtrusive installation and extremely simple operation. A Sony 75” 4K video display presents content from a resident computer located in server closet, as well as a table box for laptop connectivity. Presenters can easily select either source via an iPad Mini, secured to an iPort magnetic wall-mounted charging dock. Both the dock and charging sleeve are white to integrate seamlessly into Works’ trademark clean visual aesthetic. A compact camera is mounted below the display for web-based video conferencing. 

- Josh Seitz, VP Sales & Design