Outrage Esports Bar

We are very happy to be celebrating the opening of Portland’s first eSports bar, Outrage! Its arrival has been in the works for over 3 years and it’s well worth the wait. Outrage isn't your father’s arcade, it’s full of modern video games, both console and PC based, and can accommodate friendly competitions as well as full-fledged eSports tournaments.

Ohm Systems was tasked with designing and installing the Audio, Video, Control, and Network systems that serve as the backbone of what Outrage offers its guests… Video Game Overload! We used a combination of pendant and surface mount speakers to provide good coverage for all gaming areas. Audio sources include: a streaming music player, aux input at the bar, an audio back feed from Twitch video streaming, and a wireless microphone for events. Zonal volume control as well as source selection is available on a wall mounted keypad and from any local browser.

Working on the video system was a fun part of this project as the system includes local console inputs, as well as a computer-based matrix that streams video to 8 displays. This allows disparate content to be sent to each screen. All streaming displays are turned on and off with the push of a button so there’s no need to grab a remote and walk to each screen at the beginning and end of each day!

The timeline of this project was challenging like most commercial projects but good communication with the owners and general contractor made the process easy. We’re very pleased with how the build out turned out and I’m excited to play Mario Kart, my favorite video game! Come enjoy a cocktail and check out Outrage downtown on 4th and Washington.

- James Jacobson, Sales & Design