Urban Asset Advisors Slabtown Flats

Our friends at Urban Asset Advisors have done it again with a beautiful new 88 unit mixed use apartment project in Slabtown. Ohm was tasked with providing audio video solutions for their amenities and common spaces.

As soon as you walk in you are met with a beautiful lobby that wouldn’t be complete without great sound. We accomplished this with five demure in-ceiling speakers for ambient audio.

The exercise room is a great space too. As usual, there are plenty of mirrors on the walls so we suspended the television from the ceiling on a swiveling pole mount. To keep the clean aesthetics without compromising functionality we hid the equipment in an in-ceiling rack and everything is controlled with a 4” touchscreen.

Finally, there is the top floor amenity suite and patio. This is truly the place to be. There is a 65” 4K TV just above the beautifully trimmed fireplace, 6 in-ceiling speakers, and a Bluetooth streaming receiver so guests can play their own music with the press of a button. There are also two outdoor speakers for the patio that can play music independent of the suite, or play the same content. The designers thought it would be nice to have a TV that looked like a picture frame and showed art while not being used as a television, we thought that would be nice too! We outfitted the room with a Samsung “The Frame” Display. It’s a unique and beautiful TV that shows artwork (from a library or your own pictures) while matching the ambient light of the room. The artwork can even be displayed with mats. Once again all of the functions are controlled by a 4” in wall touchscreen for ease of use.

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager