SSI Shredding: A Shure MXA190 Case Study

Video collaboration is driving efficiency gains in organizations large and small. Ohm Systems routinely uses video conferencing (primarily to collaborate with remote and local clients to quickly and efficiently convey critical project-related information.

While the word video often gets top billing in world of video conferencing, high quality audio makes the difference between effective meetings, and those in which participants end up frustrated or, more commonly, they simply tune-out, leading to ineffective meetings and unclear directives.

Complicating this matter is that most conference rooms were designed to look, not sound good. Hard surfaces, glass walls, large tables and windows all create very “live” sounding rooms that reflect much of the sound energy within a room, rather than absorb it. The result is that traditional omnidirectional conferencing microphone systems and speakerphones capture not only the original sound of the speaker’s voice, but also multiple reflections arriving at different times. To participants on the other side of the call, the speaker’s words sound garbled and incoherent. 

Coming to the realization that most conference rooms will not be constructed with acoustics in mind, microphone manufacturers are developing technologies to help combat the inherent shortcomings of most rooms. For example. The Shure Microflex Advance range of “beamforming” microphone systems are designed to focus directly on the speaker, ignoring reflected sound bouncing around the room. 

Ohm Systems recently installed one of Shure’s MXA910 beamforming array mics at Wilsonville, Oregon-based SSI Shredding Systems. SSI leadership wanted to ensure the highest audio quality throughout the conference room, and the Shure system didn’t disappoint. 

Maintaining a clean appearance was also critical. Hanging microphones or tabletop models were not an option. The MXA910 fits neatly into their standard drop-tile ceiling. Coupled with Crestron recessed ceiling speakers, the room maintains a clean, uncluttered appearance.

- Josh Seitz, VP Sales & Design

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