Is your A/V system being installed in new construction, a remodeled space, or being upgraded in an existing location? Depending on your specific situation, this will impact your equipment choices and options for installation.  Consider the benefits and costs of upgrading A/V systems when construction or remodeling is planned in your space.

Ideally, an A/V system’s design and installation is both conceived and implemented before the walls are closed up in new construction.  This is not always the possible; you could be upgrading or replacing an existing system. You may be past the point of construction in your new space and now you’re thinking about A/V for the first time.  If that’s the case, there are still many options for installing equipment so don’t pull your hair out.  If you happen to read this before the walls get closed up in your new space, STOP! 

You still have an opportunity to design and install your A/V system with construction in mind.  Doing so can help keep wiring covered up and out of sight, keep sound from bleeding through your walls and into your neighbor’s space, and ensure equipment is installed in the ideal location.  Ohm Systems can help with installations in new construction, remodeling, or existing system upgrades.  We have a great deal of experience working with architects, contractors, and project managers, giving us the ability to understand where we best fit in the construction process, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. 

James Jacobsen
Ohm Systems Sales / Design

Danielle Witt