What to consider for your A/V System Design and Installation: Part 1


The restaurant industry, office spaces, retail businesses, churches, schools, and even large event spaces have one big thing in common.  They all need A/V systems that fit their specific needs.  How do you decide what your needs are? Where do you start? There are no one size fits all A/V systems that will fit everyone’s needs and budget. Figuring out what systems fit your A/V needs starts with thinking about budget.

Deciding on a budget for your sound system maybe one of the hardest parts of the process.  You may not know what you need to budget to fulfil your needs in an A/V system.  There may be budgetary constraints on how much to spend and how to spend it but it’s important to create a budget at the beginning of the process.  Even if you don’t stick to the budget completely it’s a great starting point.  With so many ways to accomplish different objectives in A/V system design, it’s important to decide how much you can spend.  Ohm Systems can help with budgets both large and small.  From the simplest single speaker in a single room installation to a multi building complete A/V integration, we have the experience and the technical abilities to achieve your goals. 

James Jacobsen
Ohm Systems Sales / Design

Danielle Witt