One of the benefits of working in Portland's audio/video scene is that you are always up to date on the latest restaurants and bars. Today, Friday April 14, we are excited to celebrate the grand opening of Portland Food Hall!

The 4,000 square foot eatery is centrally located in Downtown Portland at SW 2nd and Taylor. It features an enticing collection of food options including smoothies and acai bowls from Moberi, crispy chicken sandwiches from Boke Dokie, steaming bowls of ramen from Aiko Ramen, and more! The space also has a cozy lounge area where you can sip on a cup of gourmet coffee from Cosa, or in the evenings you can head upstairs to the mezzanine level for a craft cocktail. 

Ohm began collaborating with Portland Food Hall creator Andres Ochoa in early January 2017. Ochoa commissioned Ohm to design a sound and surveillance system that was optimized for the space. "We installed an audio system with a Sonos interface, wireless access points, and a camera system," explained Ohm design and sales consultant, James Jacobsen. Installing multiple systems presented a unique set of challenges for the design and installation team. In the end, careful planning, state of the art equipment, and Ohm's expertise in control and automation resulted in a system that seamlessly integrates into the surroundings at Portland Food Hall. As with all our projects, Ohm's goal is to enhance the space without disrupting the overall atmosphere and architecture. As James puts it, this project really showcases our "ability to hide our rack, wiring, and infrastructure so the customer only sees the equipment they're expecting". 

So stop by Portland Food Hall this weekend, kick back with a cup of coffee or bowl of ramen, and enjoy the space!

PressDanielle Witt