At 2:06 AM on 4/21/17, "Bait" (not a very tough tag name if you're going to choose one), tagged the front door at Ohm Systems. How do we know?  We have a high quality IP camera system. If you have a business with assets to protect, you should too!

Next steps?  We have footage of this guy walking up, as we have cameras on every side of the building. We'll go through the footage, and turn it over to the police. It's likely that nothing will come of it this time, but if more businesses report more of this kind of incident and include high quality video footage, eventually these guys will be caught.

By the way, "Bait", if you need an artistic outlet, please see our previous blog post about needing art for our offices...maybe put it on canvas next time.

Ohm Systems designs, sells, installs and services surveillance systems that can fit any business. If you're in the market, please do give us a call for a free consultation!

P.S.- Thanks to Marc, Kevin and Frank for their very prompt and very thorough cleanup efforts!

Danielle Witt