Congrats to our clients who rocked the 2018 Eater Awards!

To us, all our customers are winners, but it is extra exciting when projects we’ve worked on receive special accolades. Last week, Eater PDX, a trusted source of foodie news around the globe, announced their 2018 restaurant winners in categories such as restaurant of the year, bar of the year, and design of the year. We are proud to report that Ohm customers Enoteca Nostrana, Hey Love, and Canard won in multiple categories:

Restaurant of the year: Canard

Design of the year: Enoteca Nostrana

Design of the year, reader’s choice: Hey Love

Bar of the year, reader’s choice: Hey Love

Honorable mention: The Botanist was nominated for bar of the year after only being open for seven days by the time the polls closed!!!

Kudos to these great restaurants, it was a pleasure working with you on your projects and we are so happy for your success!

Read more about each of these project below, or go check them out for yourself.

Danielle Witt