600 MHz Band Auction: What it means for your wireless microphones


A lot of companies, churches, and other organizations utilize wireless microphones to relay their message. High-quality models offer very good sound, reliability, and provide an option for sound reinforcement that may not accessible with a wired connection. 

If you use these microphones, it’s a good time to check the frequency band that they use to transmit audio. The 600 MHz band was recently auctioned off by the FCC, mainly to cell phone carriers like T-Mobile and AT&T. That means any wireless microphone that operates between (614-698 MHz) will be not legal to use and will likely suffer from more interference as cell phone carriers begin to ramp up new infrastructure this year.

Not to fear, there is still the 500 MHz band available as well as more products are seeking refuge in higher bands like 900MHz and 2.4 GHz. We’re happy to come and look at your wireless system, just give us a call!

By James Jacobsen, Sales & Design

Danielle Witt