Ever wonder why you should hire professionals to install an A/V system in your fitness studio? Ohm sales & design consultant, James Jacobsen, explains the intricacies of fitness A/V and the benefits of having a well designed system:

Audio quality and room coverage is an important and sometimes overlooked part of fitness rooms. Clients looking for guided exercise expect a high-fidelity experience and to be able to understand their instructor without getting blown away by feedback and loud muffled speech. This may seem like a given to some, but achieving that goal can be a difficult task that requires careful examination on a case-by-case basis. Every fitness room, instructor, and philosophy is unique and deserves an audio system custom tailored to their specific needs.

Looking at the high quality craftsmanship and aesthetic in many of fitness rooms, it’s clear that the "barre" has been set pretty high these days. And while there are many aspects to culturing a brand that represents your club accurately, having bad audio can quickly reduce it!

Let’s be clear, even the best fitness rooms pose very challenging problems that many A/V integrators don’t run into at all. If you are running classes that are large or loud enough that the instructor needs a mic to be heard during the workout, you’re dealing with a problematic situation right from the start. Using mics in the field of a speaker’s coverage can be an immediate recipe for feedback, however it’s the reality of what the system demands. It takes the right equipment and programming to deal with this challenge and most importantly, the right people making those decisions.

Designing a system for this application and many others requires knowledge of the specifics of what and how each fitness room operates. The good news is, that’s what we’re here for!

Danielle Witt