The weather these past two days has us dreaming of lazy summer evenings sitting outside, drinking a cold one, listening to some music, and hanging out with friends. Being a Portland based company, Ohm Systems knows the big Portland secret....Portland has the best summers out there (or maybe we just feel that way after 8 months of gray and rainy). Let's move the party outside! With state-of-the-art equipment, you can enjoy all the same audio/video systems that are currently inside your establishment, but outside! And of course, our A/V experts can wire and program everything so that control for your exterior and interior systems are centralized in the same, easy-to-use location and format. 

Adding an outdoor audio/video system is a value-adding feature. As the weather continues to heat up, customers are going to be looking for a nice, inviting patio to hang out on with their friends. A high quality exterior audio system enhances the experience, encouraging people to stay longer. As Ohm Systems owner Chad Baldwin explains, "a well designed outdoor sound system allows you to enjoy a clear, crisp music experience while still allowing you to carry on a conversation."

So, if you own a bar or restaurant in Portland, talking with Ohm about adding some quality outdoor sound will change up your whole game! 

Want to hear our outdoor system in action? Stop by White Owl Social ClubWayfinderCentury BarPine State AlbertaPaydirt, and Sizzle Pie East.

Neal Hevel