Ohm Systems is proud to be a Sonos dealer based right here in Portland Oregon.  We’ve been selling Sonos for over 12 years now, and we’ve built some pretty fantastic systems around the Sonos platform.

Sonos is a series of easy to set up, high quality audio products that connect wireless and are operated through a user-friendly app. Wireless connectivity makes it simple and fast to customize systems and to scale up or down by adding or removing devices. The refined app has an intuitive user interface that gives you the power to create and control zones, allowing you to change the volume and music selection playing concurrently in different locations on your system. In addition to the popular Sonos One and similar devices that integrate Amazon Alexa into your home audio system (which is super cool), we wanted to point out a few other uses of Sonos we can work seamlessly into your residential or commercial system design.

Sonos Connect or Connect: Amp helps bring the ease and accessibility of the Sonos platform to your system in a discrete manner. Whenever possible, we like to wire and install flush-mounted speakers in ceilings and walls (see kitchen photo). This way, there is no “box” to place in the room and no need to try to find an outlet to plug it into. We can house all of those components behind the scenes, often in a closet or mechanical room. All you see are the speaker grills in the ceiling or wall, which practically disappear when properly installed. By approaching Whole Home Audio in this way, we can achieve a better looking, AND better sounding final product.

Custom installations with high attention to detail are our main focus here at Ohm Systems, and we have a whole team of industry professionals who can work with you on almost any Audio/ Video project you have.  You can also purchase any of your Sonos products here at any time. Just give us a call, or shoot us an email anytime you need a Sonos One, Playbar, Play 5, Play 3, Playbase, Connect or Connect Amp!  Bring the simplicity and power of Sonos into your own home or business, or why not give the gift of music to a friend?

Danielle Witt