Anyone who has enjoyed a slice pizza at Sizzle Pie knows exactly what to expect: great pizza, fast service, and a killer sound system. Their new location in the Hollywood Theater is no different, serving an immersive audio experience alongside their signature crust! The audio system includes Lab Gruppen energy efficient power sharing amplifiers, 8” JBL commercial speakers, and a 12” QSC subwoofer that packs a punch any pizza purveyor would kill for.

Ohm systems was tasked with an installation timeline that was short as the need for a new tenant to supply pizza to the theater was large. It was important that the system’s cabling was clean and that we left as small a footprint as possible after installation. Hollywood Theater is a historic building and therefore is held to high standards for construction and design.  

Sizzle pie also had a need for surveillance and network systems as they rely on them for POS processing and monitoring. We provided an IP network camera solution that is robust and covers their space quite well.

We love working with Matt and Bob and look forward to being a part of their future endeavors!

- Written by James Jacobsen, Sales & Design Consultant

Danielle Witt