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Ohm Systems designs and builds custom Audio Video, Surveillance and Automation Systems.  We focus on providing a simple user experience, while utilizing the most current technology .  Incredible sound and video, ease of use, and impeccable attention to detail is what you can expect when you work with Ohm Systems.

Some of the large venue markets we serve



Not a bad seat in the house!

House of Worship, Athletic Facility, Classroom and Auditorium Audio Video Systems need to sound great, look amazing, and they absolutely must be DEPENDABLE!  Ohm Systems can help with the Design, Sale and Installation of a custom AV System for your venue, but we don't stop there.  We also offer ongoing Service and Maintenance Agreements so that your system is always in top working order.  Ohm will work hard to ensure that the look, sound, and operation of your system fits your needs perfectly, and our standard for quality and craftsmanship will shine throughout!



Keeping an eye on things

We design camera systems to fit the needs of our clients perfectly.  Video is stored for future reference, but you can view what's happening in real time from a handy smartphone app, or from your computer's browser.  With smart search features built in, you'll be able to find the video you're looking for easily when you need it.  Let one of our Systems Designers help assess your needs and put the right Surveillance package together for you today!

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Control & Automation

User friendly systems

AV Systems can get fairly complex in order to meet the performance needs for Large Venues. Mixers, amplifiers, projectors, screens, and so many other components make up these systems, and at times the proper operation of all of these components can be overwhelming.  Ohm Systems focuses on taking all of this complexity and condensing it down to the simplest user interface possible.   Whether it's wireless tablet control, an in-wall touchscreen, or even if you just want good old fashioned knobs and faders, we can help!


Recent Large Venue Projects

We appreciate the positive attitudes of everyone, creative thinking, and the great followup training sessions by James. I feel like our sound system was well tailored for our space and potential users.
— Robert Smith, Reedwood Friends Church

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