Quickfish Pearl

We are so happy to have been a part of Sustainable Restaurant Group's newest restaurant, QuickFish, in the Pearl District.

It's a beautiful, simple space in a brand new building on NW Johnson. We were called in to design and install audio and video systems to help round out the experience. We installed 6 six and a half inch Sonance surface mounted speakers around the interior perimeter of the restaurant, with a couple of in ceiling speakers in the bar area, and of course, one in the restroom. There is also a twelve inch QSC subwoofer, a necessity to make the music warm and full. All controlled by centrally located volume controls for each zone to dial in the ambiance. 

We also put in two vertically mounted Televisions at the entrance of the restaurant that displays a video loop with information about the restaurant and their very noble philosophy.

The space sounds and looks great, stop by and try some of their amazing sustainably sourced poké or adaptogenic tonics.

- Kieran Morgan, Project Manager