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Ohm believes that technology should enhance your life, not complicate it! 

We design and build custom Audio Video, Surveillance and Automation Systems.  Our focus is on providing a simple user experience, while utilizing the most current technology .  Incredible sound and video, ease of use, and impeccable attention to detail is what you can expect when you work with Ohm Systems.


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Home Theater

movies in your home should move you

Bring the experience of truly amazing sight and sound into your own home.  Staying in for a movie or sporting event can be convenient and cozy, but it can also become a fully immersive experience with a properly designed home theater system.  Ohm can help you enjoy cinema quality audio and video in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

Working with one of Ohm's talented system designers will ensure that your Home Theater System not only provides stellar performance, but that it will also fit seamlessly into your home decor.



Whole Home Audio/video

right at home with exceptional sound

The ability to stream high quality audio throughout your home can be truly life changing.  Whether it's enjoying some music in your kitchen, listening to your favorite podcast or audiobook on your backyard patio, or playing soothing sounds in your bedroom to lull you to sleep at night, a whole home audio system can make it happen.

Ohm works hard to keep the design and aesthetics of your home in mind while integrating the latest streaming music services, app control and professionally balanced audio into your system.  Well placed in-ceiling and in-wall speakers will practically disappear from view, but the control is at your fingertips, and the sound is everywhere you want it.


Lighting & Shade Control

 Seeing things in the right light

A properly designed lighting and shade control system can not only simplify things around your home, it can also lower your energy bills.  Choosing the right level of dimming throughout your home will lower your power consumption and make your bulbs (LED or otherwise) last much longer.   By using schedules and scene control, we are also able to make sure that lights are never left on when you don't need them to be.   Maybe you want to keep the sunlight from warming up your home in the summer,  thereby keeping the house cooler, naturally.  A well programmed shading system can do just that....and much more!  



Peace of mind is a good thing

A quick glimpse at your well placed cameras can really help put you at ease while you're away from home.  Whether you're wondering if a package was delivered to your front door, who's parked in your driveway, or just what the current state of your home is in general, Ohm can provide a high quality camera solution that will bring all the video you need to your smartphone or computer screen. 



Home Automation

Sometimes simple is better

With residential technology moving forward as quickly as it is, many homeowners find themselves anxious about keeping up...or even knowing if they WANT to keep up.  Breath a big sigh of relief, because Ohm is here to make it all better!  We can help turn all of the systems in your home (lighting, shading, audio video, climate control, intercom, cameras, etc.), into one simple smartphone app or handheld remote control that is customized to your preferences.  Providing simple control of complex systems is something we love to do!


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The people of Ohm are knowledgeable, professional, efficient and easy to work with. From the home assessment to scheduling and billing and installation, everything went smoothly.
— Residential Customer

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